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Michael Zilm is world-famous conductor. He cooperates with the finest European orchestras and appearing at major festivals. In the near future he is going to lead to a wonderful concert in Polish Baltic Philharmonic. He hasn't given any public performances in Gdansk for years so it is the main reason you should visit the Ołowianka Island once again. With him we will see the soloist, Marta Boberska – a wonderful soprano singer. February the 28th at 7:00 pm – you are welcome!

During the concert we will hear Three Preludies to the opera Palestrina written by Hans Pfitzner. Title of the opera is connected with legend about Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina – the Renaissance composer. According to the main plot of the story he had to save the art of contrapuntal music (polyphony).

One of the most important masterpieces which will be playing this evening is Silesian Triptych written by Witold Lutoslawski. Composer is considered (with Chopin and Szymanowski) to be one of the greatest Polish composer of all time. It is not without a reason we can say that. His Triptych is a musical arrangement of the Silesian folk songs. One of the most beautiful parts of the lyrics are sang by the Silesian girl (Lutoslawski does not use in this song Silesian dialect). In one part the girl sings about looking for the right candidate for a husband.

The last part of the program is The Rhenish Symphony of Schumann. The inspiration for the composer was his impressions during a journey along the Rhine. Schumman took this journery with his wife, Clara.