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This year's series of Gdansk Balls is coming to the end. We will celebrate ending of the carnival with the compilation of the most famous hits of the East and the West. Michael Bublé, Andrea Bocelli, Paul Anka – you will hear their and many others stars' greatest hits. Welcome to Ołowianka March the 1st, traditionally at 7:00 pm!

The second half of the twentieth and twenty-first century has become a big sources of covers. Great examples of this trend could be given without end. Some of them we can hear during the Gdansk Ball concert. I Will Survive from the repertoire of Gloria Gaynor quickly became a disco hit. Now you can hear if for example performed by The Pussycat Dolls.
Extremely successful cover versions of well-known hits also comes from Michael Bublé. Sway, the English version of the Spanish hit from 1953 (in 1954 it was played in English for the first time) is considered to be one of the best of them. The song was even used in popular movies like Shall We Dance and Pretty Man. What is more, this is another hit which is also a part of the repertoire of The Pussycat Dolls. The second track by Bublé, It had better be tonight, is a cover of the popular theme from the Pink Panther: Meglio Stasera.
The fortunes of Victory, a beautiful song by Bond, were really unexpectable. It was used not only in American thriller xXx: State of The Union but also in Bollywood hit: Koi mere dil se płoche.
The song My Way by Paul Anka is the English version of the French song Comme d' habitude from 1967. Paul Anka is author of the English text but magnificent Frank Sinatra was its first performer. The main character of this song is a dying man who is summarizing his life. Because of that My Way is one of the most commonly performed song at... funerals in the United States! Most covers was done by: Elvis Presley , Luciano Pavarotti , Robbie Williams and finally Paul Anka. We should also mention some Polish artists: George Połomski, the One, two , three band, Michael Bajor, Stachursky and Zbigniew Wodecki.
A real surprise for the tradition lovers will be Dedication Caruso written by Lucio Dalla just for Enrico Caruso. The king of the tenors of the twentieth century was the first tenor whose performances were recorded on gramophone discs.