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The idea of promenade concerts, abbreviated to proms, was proposed in 1895 in London by the BBC. Originally they were supposed to educate people about classical music and make it more popular. For years they have enjoyed enormous popularity in the whole world. This year, proms will be organized for the first time also in Gdansk.

The Polish Baltic Philharmonic invites everyone for two-part concerts taking place on three various dates. The first concert (23 May) will express the Pomeranian Artistic Hopes of young and talented musicians from Tri-City. During the next one (30 May), we will have a chance to hear French compositions and film music hits. Finally, the 2013/2014 season will close with La Grande Finale (sponsored by EDF Polska S.A.).

Each prom will consist of two parts. The first one will take place in the Concert Hall, where musicians will perform classical repertoire. The second part will be held outdoor after a short break. Its programme will be lighter in character. 

Tickets for all events are available in PBP offices and on a selling platform www.bilety24.pl. For details see: www.filharmonia.gda.pl or contact PBP ticket offices (, tel. +48 58 320 62 62 or + 48 58 323 83 62).


WE WANT TO CONFORM TO THE EXPECTATIONS OF THE AUDIENCE says Ernst van Tiel, Artistic Director of the Orchestra and originator of “Proms in Gdansk”

PAULINA ORCZYKOWSKA: We already know that the idea of proms is very popular in Great Britain but still remains a novelty for the Polish audience. What can you, as the originator of the cycle “Proms in Gdansk”, say about promenade concerts?
ERNST VAN TIEL: Promenade concerts are performances which are slightly less official in character. They can be staged for various reasons and on different occasions, for example as feast concerts or concerts ending a given season. They are an interesting and amazing combination of traditional classical music with popular music. But they still maintain a high standard. (By the way, I would like to mention that popular music is popular because it is simply good!)
And why have you chosen promenade concerts exactly?
We have chosen proms together with other employees of the Orchestra because we heard that this is the type of music the audience needs. So we want to conform to its expectations.
What can you say about the programme of proms in Gdansk?
This year, we have decided to play songs coming from various times and styles. We will hear Bach, Bernstein and Ginastera but also popular film music and the most famous songs by French composers. The programme we have prepared is very diversified so everyone will get a chance to find
something for themselves.
Do you think that proms can become more interesting than “ordinary” symphony concerts with classical music only?
No, definitely not. Proms are simply something else, not something better. They are an addition to our “ordinary” programmes, a kind of an extra event.