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Feel invited to the next Family Concert on the occasion of the Children's Day on Ołowianka Island. As every year, we invite the youngest music lovers to spend their holiday surrounded by classical music. At the Concert Hall of the Polish Baltic Philharmonic you will hear great compositions by Ravel and Mussorgsky based on well-known fairy-tale motifs. Music and other attractions on Sunday the 1st June the 2014 at 12:00. You are welcome!

The composition of Ravel's My Mother Goose has gained popularity as an orchestral suite concert. Ravel, who has never lost its extraordinary freshness of feeling and almost childlike imagination, created a work exudes simplicity of expression, subtle emotions and charming poetry. My Mother Goose consists of five stories in which we find allusions to well-known fairy tales: Pavane of Sleeping Beauty, Tom Thumb, Ugly, Empress pagodas, Talks Beauties with Monster and Enchanted Garden.

Pictures from the show are a record of sensations and emotions Mussorgsky, which caused him watercolors and drawings of Victor Hartmann, his dead friend. Impression were so huge that the creator has composed his work instantly: "Sounds and thoughts coming to me like baked stuffed cabbage. I swallow and swallow them until the glut. Only manage to move all of the necessary speed on paper...".

In 10 fantastic miniatures are strange characters and extraordinary storie : grotesque dwarf who wanders, staggering to his feet curves (Gnome), love troubadour singing about unrequited love (Old Castle), the truest Baba Yaga (Shack on chicken feet), bickering peddlers (market in Limoges) and the composer (Promenade) and artist (Catacombs) in person.
These and other interesting stories that we will present to you, our youngest music lovers, already on June 1 on the occasion of your feast.